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UP3D’s UP400 - The Faster Dental Model 3D Scanner

What Kind of Dental Model Scanning is The UP400 Capable of?

The UP400 is a compact digital CAD/CAM system that prioritizes practicality and size. We have conducted comprehensive optimization from the inside out, resulting in a smaller and more compact design. Compared to previous products, the UP400 is 20% thinner, 10% smaller in overall size, and 15% lighter.

up400 dental scanner

This means that the UP400 is suitable for use in various office spaces, whether it's a dental clinic or dental lab, saving valuable space. Furthermore, the UP400 maintains excellent performance and functionality, providing efficient and precise CAD/CAM experience.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, the UP400 will be your reliable assistant.

The UP400 Brings You The Greatest Advantages

  • Ultra-fast model scanning

up400 dental scanner-2

Scan a full dental arch model in just 12 seconds, boosting work efficiency.

  • True-color texture support

up400 dental scanner-3

Reproduce realistic colors, facilitating bracket design and integration with popular design software.

  • Impression-free scanning without blind spots

up400 dental scanner-4

Scan untrimmed models with speed and precision, providing a superior scanning experience.



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