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Wet Milling Machine

Superior Quality, Immediate Fit

The P42 is designed for grinding glass ceramics, composite resins, and titanium rods, capable of processing three ceramic blocks or one titanium rod at a time. The machine's software achieves deep compatibility with the hardware. Moreover, the P42 seamlessly integrates with the SOREAL Immediate Restoration System, incorporating a digital workflow from scanning and design to milling. This simplifies operations and is user-friendly, significantly enhancing the efficiency of restorative creations. The P42 supports functions such as pure water milling, undercut removal, remote control, automatic calibration, and resumption from breakpoint, effectively ensuring machining precision and quality.

Pure Water Milling
Cost-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Utilizing pure water for grinding and milling eliminates the need for additional additives, reducing costs and being gentler on materials. This approach does away with complex waste disposal, simplifying operations in an eco-efficient manner. Step into a safe and economical era of restoration effortlessly.


Precision Undercut Removal Milling Complex Manual Grinding Unnecessary

With the A-axis' ±20° oscillation combined with UPCAM technology, targeted undercut removal is achieved, avoiding the need for intricate manual adjustments. This precise machining process ensures a perfect fit for restorations.


Seamless System Integration

Equipped with an easy-to-use control system and seamlessly integrated with the SOREAL Immediate Restoration System,  it incorporates a digital workflow from scanning and designing to milling. This simplicity and user-friendliness improve efficiency and better meet clinical needs.

Smart Remote Operation Boosting Productivity and Efficiency

Remote control through Millmind software, along with smart milling reminders and tool life monitoring, effectively supervising production status and significantly boosts production efficiency.


Broadly Compatible, Multi-functional Machine

Supports materials such as glass ceramics, composite resins, and titanium rods, capable of handling a variety of restorations. With the ability to process three different materials simultaneously, it significantly boosts production efficiency, meeting a wide range of needs from clinics to dental labs.


High standard development

Incorporating water circulation and air cooling technologies to provide exceptional spindle protection, ensuring long-term stability when milling hard materials. Equipped with a German-engineered CAM system, it meets personalized processing requirements.

One-click automatic calibration

With one-click smart calibration, it simplifies operations and automatically optimizes accuracy, ensuring the machine's precision and stability, reducing milling errors, and saving materials.

Precision-cast structure

Utilizing a cast integrated frame and high-precision motion components to establish manufacturing benchmarks, coupled with UP3D's control system, achieves precise and stable milling from 0.2mm ultra-thin to conventional veneers.

Resume from breakpoint

The software can automatically continue milling from the last interrupted step, avoiding repeated milling and improving work efficiency by at least 80%.

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Fields of application

Wet machining

​Number of Axes



Glass ceramics, titanium, composite resin


Coping, anatomical crown, screw-retained crown, inlay, onlay, veneer, telescopic crown, implant abutments

Linear Axes X/Y/Z

Driven by precision ball screw

(distance of travel of X-/Y-/Z-axis: 110/75/50)

Rotary Axis A-axis



LED lighting with status display

Camera System

Built-in camera for monitoring grinding status


Spindle pneumatic tool change (air pressure > 0.5MPa)


Up to 60,000rpm

Tool Holder Diameter Compatibility

Spindle Power

0.39KW (max)

Tool Change

Tool magazine for 6 tools

Compressed Air

Pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa, consumption: 45 L/min


100VAC ~ 130VAC, 200VAC ~ 235VAC

(Selectable between two ranges), 50~60Hz

Data Transmission

Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet

Operating Temperature


Air Moisture

Below 93% RH (relative), non-condensing


WxDxH= 400*560*565 (mm)



CAM Software

UPCAM, Millbox


Premill abutment jig for multiple implant systems


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