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UP3D | 2023 IDS Wraps Up, See you at The Next Stop!!

up3d dental solution

IDS 2023 (Cologne Exhibition) has successfully concluded, marking a century of prosperity. Throughout the journey, the world has witnessed China's growth, and the global dental industry has witnessed the technological advancements and development of Cloud A Technology. This time, over 2,000 companies from more than 65 countries gathered in Cologne, Germany, to showcase the latest achievements in digital dentistry technology to the global dental industry!

In this event, we not only showcased our latest digital technology applications in the field of dentistry to the world but also provided a new, simplified, intelligent, and efficient system solution for dental professionals worldwide.

"We remain steadfast, taking one step at a time, forging ahead, and committed to digitizing the entire dental workflow. Let's together Ereminisce the exciting moments of UP3D's presence at the IDS 2023 exhibition."

Immersive and Impressive System Application Experience

up3d chairside system

UP3D Chairside System

  • More Comprehensive Digital Workflow

By using the UP600 intraoral scanner to quickly capture patients' dental data and combining it with UPCAD design and UPCAM milling, a comprehensive digital workflow for denture design and fabrication can be achieved. Through the digital process, human errors can be reduced, and the precision of the manufacturing process can be enhanced, resulting in more accurate and comfortable dentures.

  • Faster Production Cycle

By implementing a digital system, manual operations in traditional denture production can be significantly reduced, thereby shortening the overall production cycle. This approach not only allows patients to enjoy a more efficient treatment process but also reduces the need for multiple visits, providing a more comfortable treatment experience for patients.

  • Enhanced Patient Experience

Improving the accuracy and real-time feedback of oral data optimizes the treatment process and enhances patient comfort during visits. At the same time, ensuring the implementation of safety and hygiene measures is crucial in preventing cross-infection and the occurrence of infectious diseases. This ensures the health and safety of patients during the treatment process, improving their overall experience and trust in the dental practice.

up3d labside system

UP3D Labside System

  • Efficient Production to Reduce Costs

  • Visual Communication Among Doctors, Patients, and Technicians

  • Real-time Monitoring of Online Batch Orders

Eye-catching Exhibition of Live Activities


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