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UP3D Chairside Product Center

Full Dental CAD/CAM Solution - UP3D

dental scanner

Model Scanner UP560pro

Our scanning technology provides comprehensive and precise results, with outstanding undifferentiated scanning capabilities.

Open System

True Color Texture Scan

Full Arch Implant Scan in One Time

dental scanner

Model Scanner UP400

To achieve faster and more stable acquisition and transmission of high-quality, high-precision 3D data, we are improving algorithm support and upgrading processing capabilities. This will ensure that our output remains accurate while significantly increasing the speed of data acquisition and transmission.

Freely Switch Scanning Steps

Fill Hole on Abutment

dental scanner

Model Scanner UP1000

High-detail, high-precision, and high-resolution scan data results enable more comprehensive and precise feedback for accurate dental implant restoration.

High precision scanning

Big articulator free scanning

dental milling machine

Dental Milling Machine P53DC Auto-Disc Changer

Our platform offers intelligent, user-friendly, and highly efficient solutions for partnering with your dental laboratory.

90°Vertical Milling

Material Saving


dental milling machine

Milling Machine P53

We provide intelligent, user-friendly, and efficient ways to partner with your dental laboratory.

Led Milling Progress Bar

90 Degree Milling

dental vacuum

V10 Vacuum Cleaner

Smart linkage system


Linkage system

dental sintering furnance

F20 Sintering Furnace

Smart operating system

Multiple Sintering Processes

Power Failure Renewal

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