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Digital Revolution

UPCAD is the dental designing software that is self-research and developed by UP3D, it has obtained multiple patents of invention and technical breakthroughs in the industry.



Supported Types

  • Coping

  • Crown

  • Reduced coping

  • Bridge

  • Inlay/onlay

  • Veneer

  • Post and core

  • Abutment

  • Abutment crown

  • Screw retained crown

  • All-on-4/6(without gingiva)

Basic Functions

  • Design of crown

  • Abutment

  • Abutment and abutment crown


UPCAD/UPCAM Satisfy different kinds of requirements for design and nesting

UPCAD and UPCAM has become the major dental design and dental nesting software in China, and has sold to more than 80 districts and countries around the world.It helps to promote the digital revolution of the dental industry worldwide and helps to provide more reliable and comfortable dental health services and experiences to a vast number of patients.


Supported Types

  • Wax-up

  • wax-up bridge

Basic Functions

  • Closed wax-up(with bottom scanned) to recognize the margin line automatically, closed and non-closed wax-up(without bottom scanned) to generate the crown quickly

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