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Precision Milling System Introduction

Through the combination of our best-integrated machines and the UPCAD and the UPCAM system, to achieve the best quality control of your dentures. Ensure the consistency meets your strict standard requirements.


Ready for action

Powered by the brilliant hardware for our scanner and milling machine, and well-tested parameters, to precisely control the machine and ensure the finished denture is ready for sintering without testing on the patient.


Perfectly restored

What is designed will be restored perfectly by the Precision Milling System. No manual adjustment is needed. Reduce the error caused by manual shaping.


Natural looking

Customized milling tool and parameters, to create a more natural and vivid crown surface.

You can expect our Precision Milling System solution will bring you "Ready for action" "Perfectly restored" and "Natural looking" teeth!

We are dedicated to bringing you more smart solutions in the future, and helping you to build your own intelligent dental laboratories!



1. Intelligent

Intelligent controlled by software. Auto changing milling bur option available when the lifespan of a milling bur is getting low. Minimize problems that are caused by the overused milling bur.


2. Standardization

More than 3,000 actual cases testing for setting the standard parameters of our milling machines. Every single piece of equipment and tool is carefully selected by our professional team who was working in the digital dental industry for decades. We ensure all our equipment that leaves the factory meets our strict requirements and integrity.

3. Customization

We are providing customized sintering parameters and operation guidance for some tricky cases like the long bridge of half arch, implant restoration, and more.

Precision Zirconia Milling Production System

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