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Welcome to joining us for IDS2023! UP3D NEWS


Feb 22, 2023

Welcome to joining us for IDS2023! UP3D NEWS

This meeting invited Mr. XiangQing Zeng, the managing director of Chinese Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, certified master of PFM restoration of VITA in Greater China, founder of Shenzhen Effect Dental and Medical Equipment Co., Ltd to introduce the relevant topics, such as the quality management of dental milling, technical requirement of dental milling, CAD/CAM design thinking, dental marketing strategy and so on in detail.

It is reported that zirconia has relatively high bending strength, high hardness and excellent aesthetic effect. And the difference between titanium or titanium alloy with zirconia is that zirconia will not cause the phenomenon, like allergic reaction, soft tissue staining, metal ion accumulation on regional lymph node, etc.

Therefore zirconia is the ideal dental material with excellent biocompatibility, aesthetic, strength and toughness.

During the meeting, Mr. XiangQing Zeng combined the theory with real working practice to talk about the topics, with vivid content and easy to understand, the atmosphere was very warm and exciting. The audiences deepened the understanding of dental zirconia production through this meeting.

UP3D will bring more offline communication activities to share more product knowledge and industry development in the future.

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