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Successful close to CNDE 2022! See you next year!


Jul 26, 2022

Successful close to CNDE 2022! See you next year!

UP3D made a debut appearance with Precise Milling System for labside and Immediate Grinding System for chairside on CNDE, more detail information was known to the visitors by the large screen displaying the introduction video in real time at the booth, attracting lots of visitors for communication and consultation.

  · Precise Milling System ·  

Precise Milling System(PMS) is the labside brand of UP3D, which realizes the uniformity of the crown milling quality by upgrading the standardization of dental software and hardware together.

Ensuring the fast delivery after finishing milling the crowns with only a few surface treatments.

The solution for dental laboratories by Precise Milling System can realizes perfectly “no need to fit-in the crown, no need to morph the shape, no need to grind the crown surface”.

  · Immediate Grinding System ·  

Immediate Grinding System(IGS) the chairside digital solution that is consisted of intraoral scanner, chairside professional CAD/CAM software, chairside wet grinding machine.

IGS brings the possibility of multidisciplinary integrated treatment for dental clinics, helping them to realize the digital revolution with visual dentists-patients communication, more precise and comfortable digital experience, so the dentists are worry free, and the patients are rest assured.

Thanks for the support of all the visitors on the booth and online, UP3D will keep moving on the road to innovation.

See you next year, CNDE 2023!

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