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New Product Release | Go Automated With P53DC


Jul 1, 2022

New Product Release | Go Automated With P53DC

01.The road of digital transformation

In terms of the size of the dental market, the number of medical institutions, and the number of dentists, China is far lower than that of Europe, the United States, Japan and other markets. Among them, in the dental manufacturing industry, there are more than 3,000 dental laboratories in China and the domestic dental manufacturing business accounts for 60%-70% of the global business. However, due to factors such as scale, capital, and technology, the competition is extremely fierce.

From intraoral scanning to replace traditional silicone impression-taking, digital software and hardware release a lot of labor and manpower in dental laboratories and clinics application, and remote design speeds up the process efficiency, meanwhile the data can be traced, reduce rework rates and improve patient experience.

In 2020, UP3D launched the one-stop digital dental solution, from scanning to design and nesting, and then to milling, one-stop service for dental manufacturing business.

UP3D launched the dual system, dual drive, lab side and chair side dental solution in 2022.

02.Automatic disc changer

Facing such a huge dental consumer market, many traditional dental laboratories are facing a series of problems such as rising labor costs, increasing demand for product delivery time and quality requirements, while the traditional manufacturing method is of low efficiency.

In order to better solve these problems, UP3D’s 5-axis intelligent dental milling machine with automatic disc changer, P53DC, helps the dental laboratories to manufacture intelligently and efficiently.

24 hours continuous milling:

On the basis of automatic changing disc, the milling machine control system cooperates with the nesting software. As long as the NC files are imported into the milling machine control system in advance, and the discs are placed in position, 24-hour production can be achieved.

Automatic changing disc:

Adding high-intelligence automatic disc changing components, the materials are installed to the disc tray on the disc library, so that the dental technicians are free from following up the material changing work with software and hardware in coordinated operation.

12-disc library:

It can accommodate 12 pieces of disc with different materials, and the fixed position does not need to be loaded and unloaded repeatedly to avoid production accidents caused by the use of wrong materials.


The introduction of an intelligent futuristic technology, the ionizer, greatly reduces the electrostatic adhesion during the PMMA milling, so that the PMMA debris drops and is sucked away through the dust suction tube, keeping the milling chamber clean without the need for secondary cleaning, and prolonging the service life of the spindle.

P53DC is the first product in China that can solve the hidden danger of PMMA milling, and has achieved a breakthrough in this function of domestic equipment.

90° vertical milling:

Relying on the easy-reloading fixture of P53DC, with the use of UPCAM and UPCNC for nesting and milling, we can reproduce the dental designer's design of the labial and buccal side of the restoration to achieve a 1:1 replica effect, without the need for secondary manual grinding, and the milling is more natural.

Newly upgraded interface:

Brand-new UI interface visual experience, the digital nesting and production software is more suitable for using, with simple operation.

CAM precision milling strategy:

Using customized milling tools, 1:1 reproduction of design and milling, so it can realize “no need to fit-in the crown, no need to morph the shape, no need to grind the crown surface” milling result.

Mobile terminal remote operation:

The independent R&D mobile terminal UP3DLink software, under the UPCNC control software connected to the Internet, it can be monitored at home and milled in the laboratory by logging in with the mobile phone.

One computer with multiple millings:

With new generation UPCNC software, one computer can connect and control multiple milling machines, monitor the milling situations of multiple machines in real time, save time and effort, and easily control.


One-button to run the calibration function is very friendly that you don’t need to do the repeated milling of standard blocks and modify the debugging values.

Tools lifetime:

UThe unique resume milling from breakpoint function solves the problems of sudden power failure or abnormal circuit during milling, and greatly improves work efficiency.

LED status light bar:

Following the LED colorful light bar of P53, P53DC have different prompts of light color to indicate the milling status.

The milling status is displayed in orange, the milling completion is displayed in green, the abnormal milling is displayed in red, and the calibration process is displayed in blue. The dental technicians can see the milling progress through the glass wall outside, without frequent visits, saving the work time.

Automatic cleaning:

After the milling is completed, the Archimedean spiral for highly efficient cleaning is used to clean the dusts on the disc by rotating the spindle with air, freeing your hands, clean and fast.

Milling protection mechanism:

During the process of the automatic disc changing, the milling machine can be stopped after the safety door is opened, so as to avoid accidental injury of the operator and ensure safe production.

This time, the new product launch used live streaming on Facebook, which attracted many audiences to participate enthusiastically.

In the future, UP3D will continue to be committed to helping dental laboratories realize digital transformation, establish a digital, intelligent and comfortable diagnosis and treatment environment, and make dentists and technicians communication more efficient, time-saving and smoother.

Also make dentist and patients communication more informed and friendly, make dental treatment more convenient and more favorable for the public, allowing digital dental technology to truly serve the public and make life better.

For more details, you can add UP3D official Facebook page or leave a message in the comment.

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