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Graphics Algorithm Engineer


Job Type

Full Time

Job Responsibilities

1.Research and develop algorithms for digital geometry, specifically focusing on 3D mesh algorithms.
2.Research and develop algorithms for graphics and image processing.
3.Develop and research algorithms for point cloud and triangle mesh editing.
4.Research and develop algorithms for traditional geometry.


  1. Proficiency in graphics, image, and machine learning algorithms, with a preference for experience in deep learning and SLAM.

  2. Prior experience in 3D mesh algorithm processing is preferred.

  3. Familiarity with 3D algorithm libraries such as OpenMesh, VTK, MeshLab, with a preference for knowledge in these areas.

  4. Strong understanding of applied mathematics and proficiency in mathematical modeling tools.

  5. Proficiency in C++, Visual Studio, and Qt platform development is preferred.

  6. Prior experience in 3D reconstruction is preferred.

  7. Prior experience in dental-related software development, such as orthodontics or implant guide software, is preferred.

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