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3D Reconstruction Algorithm Engineer


Job Type

Full Time

Job Responsibilities



  1. Bachelor's degree or above in Computer Science, Electronic Information, Software Engineering, Optics, or related fields.

  2. Minimum 2 years of experience in 3D reconstruction and mesh processing projects.

  3. Solid foundation in basic mathematics, including linear algebra, matrix decomposition, and nonlinear optimization.

  4. Proficient in C++ programming with optimization skills using SIMD or multi-threading techniques.

  5. Excellent communication skills, teamwork abilities, and project management capabilities.

  6. Strong problem-solving skills and passion for solving challenging problems.

  7. Preferred qualifications (one or more of the following): A. Experience in face scanning, 3D reconstruction, realistic rendering, or robotic arm control projects. B. Experience in GPU programming or mobile development. C. Extensive experience in computer vision, machine learning, computer graphics, data mining, or related fields, such as having more than one year of work experience in a company specializing in computer vision and machine learning, or coming from a renowned laboratory in the field domestically or internationally.

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