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Dangerous Insertion Direction

This error message is showing you some of the restoration might has risky insertion directions.

1.Long bridge with deep undercut,ALL ON 4/6 ,screw retained crown.

2.When the patient's oral condition is bad, the individual direction of abutment is different, and the designed long bridge will have a big undercut. At this time, if there is no zirconium block of appropriate thickness, it is easy to have the problem of too large insertion direction.

3.When the doctor's operation error or the patient's oral condition is not good, the abutment Angle will be too large. The ALL ON 4/6 or screw retaining crown designed will have a screw channel with a large Angle, which is prone to the problem of too large insertion direction.

Here are a few ways to avoid the risky insertion direction problem:

1.The restoration can be rotated along the AB axis to balance the undercut of the teeth on both sides, ensuring that the insertion direction of each inner crown is as low as 20 degrees.

2.Try replacing thicker zirconium blocks to reduce the rotation of the bridge to accommodate the thickness and reduce the burden of insertion direction.

3.Contact UP3D technical support to delete the risky tool path, and manually open the screw hole after sintering.

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